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Simply Floor Coverings fails to offer quality work to the consumer.Each time I have followed up with a customer after an install they are disappointed, time after time.

They say the flooring is installed perfectly and the installers were professional and courteous, but the owner Michael Mercer fails to provide the adequate amount of carpeting, tile, etc to the job site due to his inaccurate measurements of the job prior to the installation. This causes the job to take longer than it should and causes undue stress of the homeowner and installer. There have been times when Michael measures so poorly that often a room is 2 feet short of carpet and the homeowners are forced to wait for the carpet and the installers. This is very unprofessional.

The installers are certified so they do their job correctly but due to the number of errors made by Michael, they come off looking bad, which is not the case. This company has also failed to pay their employees after completing jobs. One installer came off of a tile and carpet install where he worked 35 hours straight only to discover that Michael was unwilling to pay him. I would not use this company for any service, especially after discovering the way they treat their employees and what they make them do, such as wearing hazmat suits to tear out and install carpet in a house invested with 14 cats and full of *** and urine.

If you are looking for a flooring company my suggestion to you is to use a certified installer from the CFI website.That is a safer and more fair approach.

Review about: Company Owner.


Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #290354

Go on Simply FLoor Coverrings website.and look at the comments or complaints section!

See the truth, customers can\'t say enough about the good of this company.

Comments are proof and you can call the company they will give you the phone numbers or email addresses to confirm they are REAL customers, not a disgrundeled installer who can\'t work for paycheck because he gets state benefits had a few wives and children from all of them who are incarseratd due to embezzelment and drugs.Does that tell you what class this guy has!

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #290348

This is not a customer, I know the owners well and this is an installer they let go due to his poor workmanship.He left a job without putting back the doors, cleaning up the strings and debris on the stairs the homeowners trusted the company and the installer did not respect that and as for his checking on jobs WOW, he doesn't.

Paying him $60.00 an hour plus for himself and his untrained "helper" who smoked on the jobs against the company policy, and left before the work was completed but would call and wants to be paid, reagardless if they messed up the job or not, no charge backs as should have been, but always wanted extra money for anything he could make up!What a joke oh by the way he is on CFI website as they mentioned to go to. BUYER BEWARE! They tell you one price and in the middle of the job INCREASE the amount.

BUYER BEWARE.This comment is honestly a bunch of LIES!No truth to it....what a shame....


This is so untrue...who ever wrote this obviously wants more work and does not kknow how to market Himself so it's easy to steal from others.I know who this is and he work is no where near quality as he says and he takes way too long to complete a job, and as for measuring, it is done correctly, the problem is the mill sent the wrong amount.

This person also charges way too much for his poor work! The installers are paid when the job is done correctly, otherwise you reward for poor work!

I don't think so.what a shame to post such a fabricated story!

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